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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I miss a live session?

    Great question! With our monthly live sessions, we offer access to the replay as long as you remain a member of The Happy YOUniverse. You can go in and re-watch as many times as you choose!

  • How do the live sessions work?

    Inside of your members area you will have access to the live sessions that include a zoom link. If you have trouble finding the login access, watch the video above. You will receive an email each morning with zoom login details for the LIVE discovery session that day! Make sure you mark your calendars and/or set your alarms so you don't miss the LIVE experience.

  • What do I need to join the live sessions?

    We do our streaming LIVE via zoom and so all you need to join is a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and internet! We want to encourage you to be on camera to enhance the whole experience, but it's not mandatory, you can choose to turn the camera off and listen in.