Course Description

Kimberley hosts a monthly 'empower hour' where she walks with you as you experience the 11 Ways to Self Empowerment! Each month she will bring to you lessons from a particular chapter in her book, "Empowering YOU: 11 Ways To Shift Your Personal Paradigm."

With these sessions, you will learn to one, honor and appreciate yourself, and your life, here and now. Two, understand the value of your fears and insecurities, as well as the gifts they offer. And three, discover true happiness, the kind that ignites you from the inside. 

In discovering true or authentic happiness, you will learn what life choices honor and promote this happiness, setting you up for successful, life-long change. We will review important lessons of understanding the household we came from, pains from our childhood and how this affects us today. Furthermore, we will dive into the practices of learning to have compassion for self and others, living a life of integrity and presence, feeling freedom in forgiveness, and growing with gratitude. 

When: Third Tuesday of every month

Time: 10am PDT/ 11am MDT/ 12pm CDT/1pm EDT

Recent Empower Hour Sessions

  • 1

    INTRODUCTION: Start Here

    • Introduction To Empower YOU NOW! Start Here

    • Kimberley's Book: EMPOWERING YOU: 11 Ways To Shift Your Personal Paradigm

    • Empower YOU NOW! CALENDAR FOR 2020-2021

  • 2

    SESSION ONE: Finding Your Empowerment

    • BONUS Chapter One PDF: How I found My Empowerment

    • BONUS HEART TOOLKIT: HeartWork Tools PDF Download

    • Session One Finding Your Empowerment

    • Kimberley's Book: EMPOWERING YOU: 11 Ways To Shift Your Personal Paradigm

  • 3

    SESSION TWO: Open Your Heart To YOU

    • BONUS Chapter Two PDF: Open Your Heart To YOU

    • Session Two Open Your Heart To YOU

  • 4

    SESSION THREE: We Are All Doing Our Best

    • BONUS Chapter Three PDF: We Are All Doing Our Best

    • Session Three We Are All Doing Our Best

  • 5

    SESSION FOUR: Does Your Story Define YOU?

    • BONUS Chapter Four PDF: Does Your Story Define YOU?

    • Session Four Does Your Story Define YOU?

  • 6

    SESSION FIVE: Being True to Yourself

    • BONUS Chapter Five PDF: Being True to Yourself

    • Session Five Being True to Yourself

  • 7

    SESSION SIX: Peace & Love

    • BONUS Chapter Six PDF: Love and Peace

    • Session Six: Love and Peace

  • 8

    SESSION SEVEN: A Peaceful Mind Through Presence

    • BONUS Chapter Seven PDF

    • Session Seven: A Peaceful Mind Through Presence

  • 9

    SESSION EIGHT: Finding Balance in Relationships

    • Session Eight: Finding Balance in Relationships

    • BONUS Chapter Eight PDF

  • 10

    SESSION NINE: Empowering Young People

    • Session Nine: Empowering Young People

    • BONUS Chapter Nine PDF

  • 11

    SESSION TEN: The Freedom of Forgiveness

    • Session Ten: The Freedom of Forgiveness

    • BONUS Chapter Ten PDF

    • The Ho'oponopono Prayer

  • 12

    SESSION ELEVEN: Gratitude is The Only Attitude

    • BONUS Chapter Eleven PDF

    • SESSION ELEVEN: Gratitude is The Only Attitude

  • 13

    SESSION TWELVE: Begin ANew for YOU!

    • BONUS Chapter Twelve PDF

    • SESSION TWELVE: Begin ANew For YOU!

Your Instructor

Happiness Facilitator

Kimberley Bell

“What I discovered was that my relationship with self, is the key to all happiness.” Kimberley Bell has navigated change and challenge for most of her life-- from enduring the significant loss of a parent in her childhood, to her experience with divorce after 21 years of marriage, and her journey to find a cure for her daughter’s neurological and immune dysfunction, after more than seven years. “We long to feel empowered and happy in our lives, yet so often don’t. The journey to sustained fulfillment even joy can seem long and indiscernible.”

Through it all, she gained a deep understanding of how to create an empowered life-one that’s anchored in peace, truth and authentic personal power. She is passionate about sharing the tools and approaches that assisted her, and she’s fully committed to helping others !nd their way to their highest and happiest self.

In addition to her personal experiences, Kimberley has received certifications from Strategic Intervention Coaching at Robbins-Madanes Training, as well as Couples Advanced Relationship Coach Training. She is also certified in Quantum Touch Level 1. During her career as a Transformational Relationship Coach, Kimberley became the Podcast Creator and Host of the show YOU Are Good Enough! And is also the Author of Empowering YOU: 11 Ways To Shift Your Personal Paradigm.

“Together, we will calm the struggle in your life, shift into the action that aligns you with your innate personal power and truth, while creating the life YOU have come here to live. Whatever reason or method connected us, just know that I am grateful your path led you to me and that I’m looking forward to helping you step into your own power.”