Course Description

This is a 7-day mini-course created to acquire deeper peace through this challenging time and discover the REAL reason you feel like you are going crazy! It will provide you with seven simple strategies for dealing with The Dark Night Of The Soul. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day One

    • Welcome To The Soul Recovery Program

    • Self-Sacrifice

  • 2

    Day Two

    • Finding Your Sacred Self

  • 3

    Day Three

    • Mind Creatures

  • 4

    Day Four

    • Feel To Heal

  • 5

    Day Five

    • Nurture Your Body

  • 6

    Day Six

    • Connect To Planetary Family

  • 7

    Day Seven

    • Find Your Rhythm


Happiness Facilitator

Kathleen McGinley

Kathleen McGinley, is a bestselling author of her book, “Soul Lost, Soul Restored: A Sacred Journey Back to Self.” Since Kathleen’s spiritual awakening in 1993, she developed a passion for indigenous wisdom that led her to study with Native American, Andean, Toltec, and Hawaiian shamans. In 2005, she received certification as a wellness life strategies coach and later, a holistic wellness coach and began her women's empowerment business, "Phoenix Adventures in Wellness." In 2015, she became certified as an Earth Magic® practitioner under the tutelage of internationally renowned shamanic practitioner, Dr. Steven Farmer.

In 2015, Kathleen moved to Delaware and created a new business, Heart Rock Healing, that helps women who are in transition and seeking a deeper meaning of life. She offers life coaching, card readings, online programs, workshops and retreats. She engages her clients in self-discovery, providing practical, ancient, and nature-based strategies to help them create harmony with themselves, others and the Universe.

In 2017, Kathleen created and facilitated the highly successful International Unity Bell Ringing Project in an attempt to help others shift consciousness from fear and hate to peace and love.

Previously employed as a high school Health and Physical Education teacher in the Allentown School District for 34 years, she was honored twice as one of America’s most respected teachers by her selection to “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.”